Early on Tuesday morning, 22 Syrian refugees drowned when a boat carrying 271 people capsized off the coast of Turkey.

Private news organization Dogan News Agency reported that the boat was coming from a Turkish town called Datca and set sail in hopes of reaching the Greek island of Kos.

The European refugee crisis worsens day by day as more migrants brave the dangers of the Aegean Sea in pursuit of a safer life.

Amir Cicek, the governor of Bodrum, said that the refugees were travelling in a boat fit for only 50-60 people.

According to the United Nations refugee agency, it is expected that 850,000 refugees and migrants will turn to Europe this year for protection and safety — how the continent will deal with this crisis has yet to unfold.

Nadine Habib is a reporter and enjoys covering foreign affairs, international news, and business.

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