From writing essays and studying for mid-terms, to juggling jobs and stacking our social calendars, we’ve all got a million things to keep track of. To ease the stress of planning ahead and avoid missing important appointments, however, there are plenty of apps to help manage time and tasking.

Do It (Tomorrow)


The title of this app and website speaks to my love of simplicity. You access two pages at a time, today and tomorrow, and type out your tasks on a page that looks like a notebook. You get the experience of being able to scribble out a to-do list without those pesky eraser marks or pen ink on your hand. Some users may find having only two days is limiting, but I say it’s great to focus on the present. If you want to plan further into the future, use a different app, but if you want a list to glance at for the day, this is for you. There are widgets for your device and an option to sync with Google Tasks, but those cost money so steer clear, freebie lovers. And don’t take the advice of the title. Get your homework done now, kids. Stay in school.

Usefulness: 8

This app was confusing and not in a cool plot-twist way. It was so confusing that I actually had to watch the tutorial video on the main page. Do people still do this? Once I figured it out, I was bombarded with information. There were sample tasks listed under the today section like “empty the trash,” which the app calls tutorials, though it doesn’t actually provide any instructions. After playing around with the app for a bit, it becomes fairly simple to add and edit tasks, plus there are subcategories you can file them under.

Usefulness: 6

Remember The Milk


We’ve all done it. You head to the grocery store to pick up milk and leave with everything but. Remember The Milk, however, is here to make sure that no task is left forgotten. It’s very similar to Google Calendar, allowing you to pick your day of the week, add a task, and then when done, change the status to completed. The app ups the cute factor, featuring a cartoon cow logo – and if you use Evernote, which seems to also love the animal theme as its logo is an elephant, you can sync your reminders and notes. It’s a pretty basic app, but if used properly, you won’t forget the milk again.

Usefulness: 9



This is probably the best app for students and those entering the workplace, mainly because it forces you to face your responsibility. Divided into personal and group tabs, Asana gives procrastinators the option to continue ignoring their personal tasks. But group members can see who is doing what, so you’ll have to come up with some creative excuses for ignoring your obligations. It features notifications, a search bar to find your company, and the ability to add files and images to tasks. If your team is using this app, just get your work done and be thankful you have Asana to help you out with it.

Usefulness: 9

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