The RSU's orientation week concert featuring French Montana was a preview for 6Fest. (Josephine Tse)

The RSU’s orientation week concert featuring French Montana was a preview for 6Fest. (Josephine Tse)

6 Fest ticket holders may have to choose between the concert and Thanksgiving dinner after the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) changed the dates of the event.

The highly publicized two-day concert was moved from Sept. 23/24 to Oct. 9/10 in order to “better accommodate artist availability,” said Natasha Campagna, the RSU’s general manager.

“Someone who originally (was) confirmed to perform [threatened to back out], so the RSU changed the original dates because it’s someone that we know students will really love to see,” Campagna said.

The new concert dates fall on Thanksgiving weekend and the start of reading week — a time when students often head out of town on vacation or have plans to celebrate the holiday with family.  

“What am I supposed to do now?” said Thiago Silva, who was planning to go to the concert with his girlfriend. “Do I go to Thanksgiving with my family or 6 Fest? What a horrible weekend to do it on.”

The RSU started planning for 6 Fest four months ago. Campagna said that the students’ union reached out to over 10 artists and securing many of them was a matter of finding dates that worked for everyone.

Tagwa Moyo, a freelance photographer, who was planning on taking photos during the original 6Fest dates said the change is inconvenient. “My mom’s really upset because she had planned Thanksgiving to be at our cottage, but now she has to tell my whole family to come [downtown] instead because I’m shooting.”  

Campagna said that the RSU decided to change the dates on Sept. 19. The announcement was made on social media on Sept. 20. “We wanted to deliver the calibre of what students wanted and, in the end, we believe it was the right decision because students will be happy.”

As for Drake, the RSU will not comment on his attendance. He has performed in association with the RSU twice before. The RSU has yet to announce the lineup for 6 Fest. No word yet on whether names will be released ahead of the event.

But Campagna said, “Students have seen Drake. We’re working to provide more variety this time around.”

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