You’ve watched all the trailers and seen all the ads. You’ve read all the reviews. You might have even have had a chance to play the game, which came out last Tuesday to resounding commercial and critical success. Yes, we’re talking about GTA V, the latest entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

And it’s kind of a big deal: GTA V cost developer Rockstar $225 million to create, but it’s more than made up for it in sales, raking in $1 billion from eager gamers in the first three days. That’s a lot of Mountain Dew  — a beverage which we surmise will also be seeing a generous uptick in sales numbers as gamers stock up for their weekend marathons.

There are a lot of superlatives you can attribute to GTA V: biggest, most expensive, most successful, most controversial. We’d even settle for “most-overhyped.” But one  you probably haven’t heard before is “most mundane.”

In this online-exclusive extended cut of Angry Man On Campus, Josh Kolm argues why GTA V is one of the most boring video games ever made.


Angry Man On Campus: Grand Theft Auto V



Reporter: Josh Kolm

Writer: Jacob Horowitz

Producer: Mitchell Cohen

Journalism MA student