Bruce McArthur has been charged with one additional count of first-degree murder, in connection with the death of Skandaraj (Skanda) Navaratnam, who went missing from the Church-Wellesley area in September 2010.

The remains of two more bodies have also been identified, according to Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga, who gave an update on the investigation. One of those is the body of Navaratnam. The other remains identified are those of Soroush Mahmudi. McArthur has already been charged with first degree murder in the death of Mahmudi.

McArthur has racked up a total of six first-degree murder charges, with potentially more to come as the investigation continues across the city, according to Toronto police.

Police have confirmed the identities of three of the six sets of remains so far.

Fingerprints and dental records have been used to identify Andrew Kinsman, 49; Mahmudi, 50; and Navaratnam, 40. DNA analysis is being used to identify the other three sets of remains.

About 20 planters have been seized and searched from 53 Mallory Cres., but police said they still have more ground to cover in their investigation. They also said they’re waiting to see if the warmer weather of the coming spring will help them unearth more remains.

Police are still searching other properties connected to McArthur. Idsinga said he is prepared to continue working on this case for months or even years, depending on the extent of its reach.

Venn diagram showing the remains that have been found and the people whom Bruce McArthur has been charged with murdering.


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