Introducing LocalStudent

The New Way for Students to Work

Created by students, for students. LocalStudent is redefining the way that students find work. We provide students with work that finally meets their needs, such as flexible hours and great pay.

We are now hiring for lawn mowing positions.

About LocalStudent

Student Jobs for the 21st Century

No more flipping burgers at minimum wage. LocalStudent is an innovative online platform that connects students with nearby customers who need services done. Think of us as Uber for student services.

Out of our 12,000+ student applications and counting, we have only hired 3% of total applicants. Think you could be one of our top students? Apply now!


Choose your own hours. Work whenever and wherever you want to.

Earn Great Pay

We pay a flat rate per job. If you work quickly and efficiently, you will earn more money in less time.

Stay Safe

During Covid-19, our work is 100% outdoors. Payment is done online.

Be an Entrepreneur

With LocalStudent, you're in control. No more micromanaging or supervisors watching over your shoulder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Click “Become a LocalStudent” (the button at the top right).

2. Sign up by entering your school email, and create a password.

3. Create your profile, then click “Save”.

4. A member of our team will review your application. If we think you may be a good fit for our team, you will receive a phone call within the next week for a 15 minute interview.

5. If the interview goes well, you are hired immediately.

You must be at least 16 years old.

We are like Uber, but for lawn mowing. Once students are hired, they get access to a job board where they can view which jobs are available on any given day, and they can take any jobs that they want to. Most of our jobs are for residential homes.

Not necessarily, but you need a way to get around to jobs within driving distance. Plus, you need a way to transport a lawn mower and trimmer. How you arrive to jobs is up to you (as long as you are on time).

We pay a flat rate per job. For lawn mowing, we usually pay between $21-$35 per lawn mowed (and more for very big lawns).

We pay through Stripe (which is similar to PayPal), and the money gets directly deposited into your bank account.

Yes you do. LocalStudent does not provide equipment. For lawn mowing, you need a lawn mower and trimmer.

No, you do not. Experience is an asset, but not a requirement.

We service the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Barrie, Ottawa and Calgary.

Not yet! We only offer lawn mowing, leaf cleanup, and snow removal at the moment.

But we hope to soon offer tutoring, graphic design, web development and more!