Story by Victoria Shariati and Declan Keogh

Ryerson students will have an unlimited local transit pass starting in September 2019, following this week’s referendum results.  

Sixty-two per cent of the students who voted in the referendum said they are in favour of the pass. It will cost $70 per month ($564 per year), added to tuition, and will allow students to use unlimited TTC services throughout the school year. Currently, a TTC Metropass costs $116.75 per month.

The referendum passed after a controversial campaign by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). According to the TTC’s website, only students with accessibility needs will be able to opt out, which some students felt was not made clear to them by the RSU. However, RSU president Ram Ganesh told the Ryersonian that after the referendum passes, he will go back into negotiations about who can opt out.

Students who enrolled in courses during the spring/summer term will be able to opt in.

The RSU has campaigned on the referendum being the first step towards expanding the pass to include GO Transit service, according to the RU-Pass website.

The referendum had nearly a 43 per cent voter turnout, with just over 16,000 students participating. The results may be challenged until Nov. 9.

Current RU-Pass opt-out only applies to students with disabilities, RSU president clarifies
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