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Organizing the world’s health knowledge so everyone gets the best care

Clinical knowledge and patient information is lost at the point-of-care in an avalanche of unstructured data.

Our tools and services connect clinicians with their patients, help standardize care decisions with clinical evidence, and ensure data is easily accessed and shared between providers for the best patient care possible.

Clinical Knowledge

Collaborative clinical decision support tools that deliver the latest clinical knowledge to the point-of-care in hospitals, long-term care, and in the community.

Connectivity Tools

Telemedicine software and digital referrals connecting clinicians remotely with their patients and with our clinical knowledge libraries, helping ensure best practices at the point of care.

Digital Clinic Services

Transforming medical clinics with digital-first solutions to streamline physician workflows and optimize billing.

An integrated digital health experience that puts patients first


Specialized telemedicine software designed to support healthcare providers in primary, allied, acute care, retirement, and long term care homes so they can connect with their patients or residents.


A digital referrals platform linking community care to hospitals and specialists. Providers can securely send and receive referrals accurately and instantly, without the hassle of outdated and error-prone fax machines.

Order Sets

A clinical decision support tool with evidence-based, digital patient treatment and safety checklists for frontline doctors, nurses, and clinicians.

Our partners in transforming care

AdvantAge Ontario
Digital Health Canada
Ontario Long Term Care Association
Matrix Care
Thrombosis Canada
Strata Health
Canadian Consortium for Early Intervention in Psychosis
American HealthTech

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