The fourth floor of the Student Learning Centre is home to Ryerson’s Student Learning Support, where students of all abilities can go for support (Photo by Victoria McMurchy).

FEATURE: What it’s like being a Ryerson student with a learning disability

Linas Kairys sits at a desk in a room of 20 students, ready to write one of his first university exams. The room is quiet. He takes a deep breath and looks down at the sheet in front of him.

His mind goes blank.

This is a recurring nightmare for all students; Spending hours studying countless pages of notes and information, only to forget it all as soon as you sit down to write your exam. But for Kairys, this is a daily reality.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Features
Hormonal birth control could be causing your depression

Hormonal birth control could be causing your depression

When the birth control pill was introduced in the 1960s, it was a symbol of sexual liberation and choice for women. Today, women are speaking up about the way that the pill has affected their mental health.

by Heather Stewart· · Features
From left to right, Ali Najafi, Faisal Hassan, Samiya Abdi, Gilary Massa, panelist at last weeks seminar called Voice of Experience: islamophobia in the Workplace speak about the trials they faced in their work career. (Photo by Tawanna Hyman)

Ryerson’s Ismaili Muslim students need a space to pray on campus

Ryerson’s Ismaili Muslim Student Association (RIMSA) says they’re lacking proper accommodation for their prayers on campus.

In Islam, prayer is a sanction that is performed multiple times throughout the day, and the religion is specific about how prayers should be done.

by Tawanna Hyman· · Features, On Campus
Ryerson student by day, DEA agent by night

Ryerson student by day, DEA agent by night

Meet Raymond Ablack, a 27-year-old actor from Toronto who plays both Sav Bhandari in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Agent Stoddard in the third season of Narcos.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Features

Ryerson falls behind on accessibility

Lara Wong is a first-year student at Ryerson. She relies on a walker to get around campus. She lives in a Pitman Hall room renovated for her needs, including a roll-in shower.

Wong has carefully planned her route to classes based on accessibility and spent much of her first week on campus mapping it out with her support worker.

by Brooke Taylor· · accessibility, Features, On Campus
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