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OPINION: Stuck in nostalgia

If you’re in your twenties like me, the year you were born is officially retro. Feels weird, doesn’t it? Recently, Netflix released a show called Everything Sucks! which has been called the Stranger Things for ‘90s kids. It’s about a small Oregon high school’s A/V and drama club banding together to make a movie. According to critics, though, the show […]

by Julianna Garofalo· · Opinion, Voices
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EDITORIAL: Graduating and jobless

As the semester comes to an end, the clock is ticking on most of our undergraduate journeys. The day when we can throw our caps in the air and say goodbye to student life and say hello to bills, paying back student loans, and working full time. As students, we equate graduating with achieving nirvana; a place without suffering and […]

by Sahar Khan· · Editorial, Opinion
Saying goodbye to Nonno

Saying goodbye to Nonno

For many, I assume that the mix of flowers and chocolate bunnies are standard when Easter rolls around. But when I think of Easter, I think of lamb and the time I walked in on my grandfather, my Nonno, in his basement butchering a lamb hanging from the ceiling. I didn’t get chocolate, I got a fresh lamb. I haven’t […]

by Jenna Miguel· · Voices
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OPINION: Eyes on the road, not your phone

Last month while walking down Victoria Street, I saw a guy knock a girl’s Tim Hortons cup over after the two bumped into each other while she left the coffee shop, phone pressed right up to her face. She was understandably upset—there are few things more sacred to us commuters than morning coffee. But her reaction surprised me; she started […]

by Trevor Hewitt· · Opinion
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VOICES: Defining my cultural identity

When I was in Grade 2, I became a Canadian citizen. At the time, I didn’t really understand what that meant. I was just excited to take a day off of school to go to a ceremony. My parents tried explaining to me what becoming a citizen meant, but as a seven-year-old I definitely couldn’t grasp the nuances of being […]

by Michelle Song· · Opinion, Voices
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