A screenshot of one of Do's recent Instagram photos. (ericmarkdo/ Instagram)

A screenshot of one of Do’s recent Instagram photos. (ericmarkdo/ Instagram)

Police have dropped charges against a Ryerson student arrested earlier this year after a “roof-topping” incident.

Eric Do, a fourth-year journalism student last year, faced three charges related to breaking and entering after he, along with two others, were caught roof-topping downtown in February. The police dropped the charges against Do on Aug. 10.

Roof-topping is a hobby where people, often photographers, explore building rooftops. Depending on the property where it takes place, the activity can be illegal.

Do, who has an Instagram following of over 7,000, is an urban photographer who regularly posts photos taken from downtown Toronto rooftops.

According to Toronto police reports at the time of his arrest, Do, 27, was allegedly taking photos from an observation deck at 18 Wellington St. W, accompanied by two others, Jaswinder Brar, 34, and Tom Ryaboi, 34. Do was charged with breaking and entering, mischief under $5,000 and possession of break-in instruments. Do and one of the other men were allegedly caught on site using tools to break locks.

Brar and Ryaboi, who faced similar charges to Do, have also had their charges dropped.

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