Ramona Pringle, left, with panelists Jesse Hirsh and Lance Weiler. (Sarah Jones / Ryersonian Staff)

Ramona Pringle, left, with panelists Jesse Hirsh and Lance Weiler. (Sarah Jones/Ryersonian Staff)

By: Sarah Jones

The Internet is the new stomping ground for students, and they need to learn how to navigate it as professionals. That means developing a finely tuned set of technological skills.

“I haven’t had a resume since I was 19,” said Lance Weiler, an American filmmaker.

In an era of digitized communications, your name is a brand. An Internet presence is the new CV.

An instalment of the Dean’s Lecture series on Feb. 4 focused on developing skill sets for jobs in the 21st Century.

The lecture featured Weiler and Jesse Hirsh, a broadcaster at the CBC. The two guys know how to manipulate their online personalities into creative careers.

“I started to think of the Internet as a big learning curve. As long as you were at the top of that curve, people would pay you to teach them what you know,” said Hirsh.

Hirsh brands himself as an Internet strategist and broadcaster, while Weiler calls himself a technological storyteller.

For FCAD students wishing to follow their own digital dreams, Weiler and Hirsh have some advice: listen, learn, be empathetic and pitch your story to the right audience.

In a digital world, progress is unrelenting. According to FCAD Dean Gerd Hauck, that means, “you have to trust that you’ll be in the right place, you’ll meet the right people and you’ll say the right things.”

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