RSU Food Box is a new initiative for RSU members. Members can sign up on a bi-weekly basis and will be eligible for a credit of  $25 in a customized application through which they can order their groceries in GTA with FREE delivery!

The application through which the groceries can be ordered is "ExpressCart" and groceries will be provided by GoCart City.

You will have 24 hours to order your groceries once you get the approval email. If the credit is not used within that time period, it will be invalid. If you want to order groceries above the credit limit, you will get an option to add a payment method.

500 students will be eligible for the food box in the seventh round. The google form is open from Tuesday, March 23rd at 12 pm to Thursday, March 25th at 12 pm.

The google form link will be posted on our Instagram:

ExpressCart is an e-commerce application that offers fast and flexible delivery on thousands of products from basic groceries to electronics, home decor, automotive, and an ever-growing assortment of other items you use in your daily life. All locally sourced and delivered to the comfort of your home. We're continuously evolving and making more buying choices available to our users.

If you face any problems with the application and any other delivery/pick up notifications reach out to:

Email: is an online grocery delivery market that services the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. They curate and deliver the freshest produce and speciality foods in Southern Ontario.

If you happen to face any problems with your order or delivery please reach out to: