Jason Kelly, Matthew Andreacchi and Lucas Froese show off their pre-game style.

Fashion has become a secondary component to sports. Jason Kelly, Matthew Andreacchi and Lucas Froese show off their pre-game style. (Samantha Sobolewski/The Ryersonian)

If you tune into the pre-game show for most sports broadcasts, there’s a good chance you’ll be shown a shot of a player headed into a dressing room. There’s an even better chance that player’s outfit will be mentioned on social media or even the broadcast itself. And when it comes to certain players, an even better chance their outfit was specifically picked out by a stylist.

That’s because somewhere along the way, fashion has become a secondary component to professional sports. Whether it’s in part to do with the NHL’s mandatory dress code enforced in 2005, or just the general overlap between interests, magazines like GQ, Esquire and even Vogue itself have begun featuring professional athletes throughout photoshoots, along various page spreads, and — if you’re Lebron James — on the fashion magazine’s cover next to the biggest names in modelling.

Certain high-profile players, like the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade, have even admitted to hiring stylists to help piece together their pre-game apparel choices, while the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Joffrey Lupul has embraced his love of fashion by teaming up with Gotstyle to create a fashion and lifestyle blog that helps donate money to a different charity each season.

But being a style-concious athlete isn’t just for the professionals.

The Ryersonian checked in with three of the Rams men’s hockey team’s most fashionable players to get their individual take on game-day style. Scroll through the slides and click the audio to hear each player talk about their outfits and game-day style inspiration.

Lucas Froese

Matthew Andreacchi 

Jason Kelly

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