Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has created a committee to tackle the fate of the Sam the Record Man sign.

Ford said he “wants the top guy here” to discuss the issue, and Levy is interested in attending.

“I don’t know what the mayor is planning but I would be delighted to be part of a committee and the discussion,” Levy said in a phone interview this afternoon.

The mayor’s office has since called Ryerson, said media relations manager Michael Forbes.

“We have not received a formal invitation, but we are now aware of the September 30th meeting and are making plans to attend,” said Forbes.

Among the committee members meeting on Sept. 30 are former Ryerson students Nicholas Jennings and Sean Boulton, musicians Jane Bunnett and Blair Packham, and vice president of public affairs at Music Canada Amy Terrill.

The aim of the committee is to find a comprehensive solution to the Sam the Record Man sign issue.

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