Fridays Live is a an audio series showcasing Canadian talent. Each week, we’ll bring in two artists for an interview and live performance.

JF Robitaille

JF Robitaille is a folk musician from Montreal. His sound has been compared to Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. He was in Toronto this week to play a gig at The Free Times Cafe.


JF Robitaille performs his single ” St. Catherine” off his latest album “Rival Hearts” in our studio. (Christina Dun/The Ryersonian)




Alexa Huffman chats with the band Weaves before they performed their single “Hulahoop.”  (Angela Glover/The Ryersonian)

Two members of the Toronto-based band Weaves, Morgan Waters and Jasmyn Burke, stopped by the studio to discuss their upcoming self-titled EP. They will be playing at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Samantha Lui is a graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism. She was a copy editor and reporter for The Ryersonian.