Fridays Live is a an audio series showcasing Canadian talent. Each week, we’ll bring in two artists for an interview and live performance.

Kayla Dunn

Kayla Dunn and “Fridays Live” co-host Samantha Lui pose in studio. (Angela Glover/Ryerson School of Journalism)

Kayla Dunn

Kayla Dunn is an indie singer and songwriter from Windsor, Ont. She is also a social work student at Ryerson. She talked with Samantha Lui about her EP, “Fields” and what it’s like to be number one on the radio in Windsor.


9YRS performs their song “Dark Horse” in studio. (Alexa Huffman/The Ryersonian)


9YRS is an alternative-pop rock band from Toronto.  Two members of the band, Ivie James and Derek Lewis chatted with Alexa Huffman about their album, “This Is,” their future projects and what it was like to film a music video in Ivie’s bedroom with no air conditioning.

Intro music credit: Mike Bernstein

Alexa Huffman is a former reporter with the Ryersonian. She graduated from Ryerson University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Journalism.