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Winter in Canada just got colder after two major companies decided to let go of a large number of their employees.

This means many people have been left frustrated and, more importantly, jobless.

Payless ShoeSource, the American footwear company, is claiming bankruptcy for the second time in just two years, and will be closing over 248 Canadian stores starting in March. With too much debt and too many stores, the company will be letting go of nearly 16,000 employees.

Not only is it getting harder to maintain a job, but the rising inflation is making life hard to afford for many Canadians. The sad reality is that people are constantly losing their jobs whether it is seen on the news or not.

A friend of mine recently lost her managing position at Payless ShoeSource where she has put many years of hard work into the company.

Her loss affected her financial security as a student and she is now struggling to pay off her debt. After working for the company for nearly five years, she is saddened to see things turn out this way. Many of her co-workers are left with nothing but one last closing sale to work.

Writer Aneta Rebiszewski.

Things only get worse, as 900 more jobs were cut by the Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) recreational vehicle plant in Cambridge, Ont. Many employees were shocked and saddened by the news just before Family Day weekend began.

The sadness wears off when reality kicks in and people are yet again forced to find jobs in a tough economy. It is only natural that people will react in anger because they have families to provide for. Many people are left with no job and income to support themselves and others in their life.

Making things worse, both companies cut off employees with no severance.

Nothing is more disappointing than hearing you’re laid off and on top of that you aren’t getting any money. Whether you’re a student with a part-time job or someone who has been in the workforce for years, it is troubling to be put in a position of vulnerability where your job is taken away from you.

Cambridge and Kitchener city mayors came together to devise a plan to help former Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) workers find new jobs — promising assistance.

Whether you’ve been with the company for a few weeks or a few decades, you deserve assistance. But when you lose your job and all you’re left with is a promise from the city mayor, that’s not very reassuring.

To me, it’s like they are telling people they feel bad for them but will do nothing to help.

Actions speak louder than words and only time will tell if the promise will be kept by the Kitchener and Cambridge mayors.

When layoffs occur, those affected deserve to be helped.

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