The area expected to be affected by the street repavement. (Samantha Sobolewski/Google Maps)

The area expected to be affected by the street repavement. (Samantha Sobolewski/Google Maps)

Construction crews rolled through Ryerson campus Friday morning as the first preparations to repave Gould Street began.

The City of Toronto, which has the contract for the repaving job and handles any re-routing of traffic, announced Wednesday they were expected to begin “grinding and scouring the street” at around 7 a.m.

According to Kerri Bailey, manager of finance and strategic planning for Ryerson, that meant the crew would begin taking the top layer off the road in order to prepare for the actual paving process. The job is expected to take between four and five hours to complete.

The second phase of the process will begin next Friday, Nov. 14, with the construction crew actually repaving the road, also scheduled to take up to five hours, in order to “significantly improve the appearance of the streets.”

Bailey said that, to her knowledge, repaving the area wouldn’t involve a new paint job on the roads, a fact confirmed through a tweet from the official Ryerson University Twitter account.

A notice posted on Ryerson Today in October said efforts were underway to inform departments with classes that may be affected by the noise and work, and that the city was only able to provide Ryerson with a 48-hour notice before the work was set to begin. The university took out an advertisement in the Oct. 7 issue of The Ryersonian to inform the community that the pavement work “may start any time after Oct. 13.”

Ryerson spent a total of $111,000 on the original blue and yellow paint job down Gould Street that was soon chipped away by the harsh winter weather. In a previous email to The Ryersonian, Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson vice-preisdent of administration and finance, confirmed the school spent $25,000 in full for the first paint job rushed in September, followed by $86,000 of a $172,000 paint job.

Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson vice-president of administration and finance, admitted in a blog post, titled “I’m Sorry,” that the project was rushed to meet a winter deadline.

“We had a narrow range of temperatures when the epoxy could be applied,” she wrote. “I required my team complete the work before the temperature dropped. That was my mistake.”

Friday’s repaving project will affect Victoria Street north from the parking garage down to Gould Street, as well as Gould Street from O’Keefe Lane to Bond Street.

Ryerson students can contact Campus Facilities and Sustainability with any questions about the job.

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