(Courtesy Brady Lacroix)

(Courtesy Brady Lacroix)

Ryerson grad Brady Lacroix enjoyed his time at Ryerson so much that he named his baby after the school.

On March 23 at 12:58 p.m., Ryerson Joseph Lacroix was born at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

Proud parents Brady Lacroix and his fiancée Tara Stencill couldn’t be happier with their new baby or his name.

When Stencill suggested the name Ryerson in the first trimester, Lacroix was instantly on board.

“She knew what a great influence my time at Ryerson had on me after graduating,” Lacroix said.

After researching the name, the two fell in love with it. Lacroix said the Scottish history of the name dates back to an outdoorsman.

“It suited our lifestyle,” Lacroix said. “We do a lot of canoeing and a lot of camping – adventurous things.”

Lacroix said his time working with George Ryerson, who said his great-grandfather was Egerton Ryerson, made him appreciate the connection to the history of Ryerson University even more.

Lacroix graduated in 2002 with a degree in commerce and retail management.

One highlight of his time was his year in residence.


(Courtesy Brady Lacroix)

“Back then, Facebook wasn’t around – now I’m able to connect with these people all over the world, and everyone’s quite successful,” Lacroix said.

“It’s very much a different campus now … but you could see it growing and you could see the wheels starting to turn on the new buildings, new programs, new technology.”

Lacroix and Stencill currently live in Ottawa and took a trip to Toronto for a date around Ryerson’s campus.

“It was great,” Lacroix said. “She really liked the atmosphere of the school,” and that sealed the deal for the name.

As for baby Ryerson, he’s healthy and happy and has a personality of his own.

“During the day, he’s quite chill, and at night, it’s a little bit of a different story. He likes to keep us awake and he’s a little bit cranky, but that’s alright,” Lacroix said.

“He kind of has the same personality as someone in exams.”

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