Harman Singh says he’s been advised to “consider taking legal action” against a newspaper, which he doesn’t name.

Singh, the vice-president of student life and events for the Ryerson Students’ Union, made the statement on his Facebook page Thursday.

In it, he says: “Newspapers that have circulated recently have had a misleading cover with a headline accusing me of being a ‘suspect’ in some sort of criminal activity.

I’ve been slandered and defamed time and time again to the point that legal counsel has advised me to consider launching lawsuits,” the Facebook post goes on to say.

While Singh doesn’t name the publication, campus newspaper the Eyeopener recently ran a long story on Singh. It dealt with the way he handled refunding money to people who bought 6 Fest tickets last fall, but then were unable to use them when the concert date changed.

Some of those ticket holders have yet to receive their money back.

The Eyeopener responded to Singh’s Facebook post with a statement of its own. It said, in part, that if Singh is referring to the Eyeopener story, “he is incorrect. At no time did we claim that Singh broke any RSU bylaws or policies.”

Singh didn’t say who advised him to take legal action.

The Ryersonian is attempting to contact Singh and his legal adviser.

The RSU board of directors (BoD) meeting that was held Monday Jan. 30 was to discuss the possible impeachment of Singh over his handling of the 6 Fest refunds. The concert was originally scheduled for Sept. 23 and 24 but was changed to Thanksgiving weekend on Oct. 9 and 10.

The discussion on whether Singh’s actions are impeachable will continue on Friday.

The Eyeopener’s cover in question. Allan Perkins/Ryersonian

More to come.


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