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Ryerson students will be able to vote in the RSU elections online from March 12 to 14. (Zahraa Hmood/Ryersonian)

After a month-long delay, campaigns are officially underway for the 2019-2020 Ryerson Students’ Union elections, and the union has released the candidate list for all executive committee, faculty, graduate and international student representative positions.

Nomination forms were due on Monday this week, and the campaigning period will run until March 11.

This year’s slates are Inspire, Condor, Refresh and the Rhino Party. Most notably absent from this list is Elevate, who won a split slate election with Spark in 2017 and various faculty positions in 2018.

The Ryerson student body will be able to vote online from March 12 to 14.

Here are your candidates.

Executive Committee Candidates

The executive committee is in charge of day-to-day operations of the RSU and represents students on campus, provincially and federally.


Adam Asmar — Inspire

Alex Dihn — Candor

Vanessa Henry — Refresh

Daniyal Patricio — Rhino Party

Vice-President Education

Kwaku Agyemang — Refresh

Jonathan Bradley — Rhino Party

James Fotak — Inspire

Vice-President Equity

Emily Gioskos — Rhino Party

Naja Pereira — Refresh

Jarrett Stoll — Inspire

Vice-President Marketing

Victoria Anderson-Gardner — Refresh

Vihaan Pereira — Candor

Abeer Tahir — Rhino Party

Vice-President Operations

Angelina George — Rhino Party

Augustine Onuh — Refresh

Charmaine Reid — Inspire

Vice-President Student Life & Events

Zaima Aurony — Inspire

Sebastian Saavedra Vidal — Candor

Rafay Syed — Rhino Party

Joshua Wiggins — Refresh


The board of directors manages the affairs of the RSU and maintains committees meant to carry out the functions of the RSU.

Arts (4 Positions)

Abir Dabbour — Inspire

Vinessa-Marie Hardy — Refresh

Maxwell Irwin — Refresh

Erica Leon — Inspire

Raquel Margulies — Inspire

Amruta Nikte — Inspire

Zalak Patel — Candor

Chris Randall — Refresh

Megha Saha — Candor

Ilham Sakina — Rhino Party

Maleha Yasmin — Candor

Community Services (5 Positions)

Haymattie Beer — Refresh

Kealin Bobb — Inspire

Zaynab Dhalla — Refresh

Gyvenska Mathurin — Refresh

Natalie Morrison — Inspire

Naqiyah Motiwala — Inspire

Joel N Kuriakose — Candor

Tadiwa Nekati — Candor

Umer Qureshi — Refresh

Arun Sharma — Candor

Julia Spagnuolo — Candor

Communication & Design (5 Positions)

Jaden Burton — Refresh

Kristoff Edwards — Refresh

Hung Le — Refresh

Noah Levinson — Inspire

Kavin Nguyen — Candor

Hollie Olenik — Refresh

Rachel Struthers — Inspire

Engineering & Architectural Science (5 Positions)

Farooq Arshad — Rhino Party

Flemin Francis — Inspire

Taha Hashemi — Inspire

Umer Jamil — Candor

Omar Kreidie — Inspire

Maryam Marei — Inspire

Mohammed Aadil Mulla — Candor

Gunj Patel — Candor

Science (3 Positions)

Ayan Chhipa — Refresh

Jordan Lanctot — Refresh

Jesse Mahabir — Candor

Mathew Mozaffari — Inspire

Will Murray — Inspire

Parth Patel — Candor

Melania Tryhub — Rhino Party

Stephanie Tryhub — Candor

Ted Rogers School Of Management (7 Positions)

Brian Baum — Independent

Jaspreet Bhangal — Rhino Party

Matthew Fernandes —Refresh

James Hassos — Inspire

Anasofia Heilbron —Refresh

Brandon Hughes— Refresh

Aditi Jani — Candor

Sarah Jeevanayagam — Rhino Party

Carolina Medina — Inspire

Milad Moghaddas — Refresh

Temi Ogboja — Inspire

Nicole Petroff — Refresh

Arif Rahman — Candor

Tania Rasie — Refresh

Siddhanth Satish — Candor


The graduate representatives stand for the specific needs of graduate students.


Angelique Bernabe — Refresh

Deputy Chairperson Education

Amber Grant — Refresh

Deputy Chairperson Finance

Charlotte Ferworn — Refresh

Deputy Chairperson Student Life And Events

Ashwinraj Gnanavel — Candor

Alicia Kassee — Refresh


International Student Representative

Melissa Salamo — Inspire

For more information go to the RSU website.

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