At the edge of Ryerson University, you will find the Rogers Communications Centre (RCC), a building that fosters four different programs on its three floors.

Here are some of the people that found their way to the RCC.

Kaelan Noonan, First-year RTA sports media

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“When you’re doing a live production, it kind of feels like an adrenaline rush. If you do anything wrong you’re going to get spit out for it, and being an athlete, which I did for a long time, you love that adrenaline rush, and it kind of matches that.”

Sean Lam, First-year RTA new media

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I always have new ideas on how to improve people’s lives. So I think new media will help me think of more ideas and learn how to achieve them. In daily life, I watch others on the subway a lot, and people with disabilities have trouble when they’re commuting. Helping people to improve their lives makes me feel better.”

Abril Madero, First-year english

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I’m really into fiction writing and stuff like that. You can create something out of nothing. You can create a story out of anything from your imagination. The sky’s the limit, there’s no rules, and it’s all about what you want to write about.”

Emanuale Juan, First-year public health and safety

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I was really into engineering at first, but I realized it wasn’t for me. I wanted to do something outside of my box. Engineering isn’t a direct [connection] to people, but public health is a direct influence on people – ensuring people’s safety, making sure that people are getting what they need and that they are treated the way they are supposed to be.”

Owen Benoit, First-year journalism

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I want to do more publication work to do with beauty editing and fashion editing. I like to buy skincare, shoes and bags, so why not write about it? It’s really all I invest my money into. It’s what me and my friends like to bond over. I feel like writing that and approaching that industry with a more genuine, spiritual touch can actually be quite refreshing.”

Anmol Khan Rai, Third-year professional communication exchange from Singapore

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“You get a lot more creative freedom to do what you want here. The profs are a lot more accepting to your ideas, even though [the ideas] might not really fit what they want. You can make it work. Singapore is a lot more rigid. It’s a great education system, but I think there’s a lot that needs to be done in terms of expanding how you’re evaluated.”

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