A new year on the calendar means that it’s a great time to kick off another semester and set some goals for the next few months. This year seems to be the one when students stay focused on their school tasks, while also remembering to recognize the importance of their well-being.

Here are some Ryerson students and their goals for this semester:

Michael Frederick, third-year business management student

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha

“My goal for this semester, I would say, is to find an opportunity to help me grow in my profession, business management, or any kind of management. I would love to find a mentor or people who can help me out.”

Alyssa Alvis, first-year child and youth care student

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha


“To stop procrastinating as much and to prioritize my work.”

Racquell Fogah, first-year professional communication student

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha

“My goal is to be more social and more involved with the school. I want to make more friends and do more down here because I am a commuter, so I don’t really [spend much time] here.”

Cameron Jan, first-year mathematics and its application student

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha


“Just get more involved in the student life, campus clubs and stuff like [that]. That’s my main goal.”

Megan Strang, first-year social work student

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha

“My goal is to get more sleep. That’s it.”


Amanda Skrabucha is a journalism student at Ryerson University and a photo editor at The Ryersonian. She has knowledge of digital content creation, focusing on fashion and lifestyle. She cannot live without Instagram, photography, and appealing aesthetics, which all keep her mind very creative. 

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