“I feel like, in certain ways, university has already helped me grow a lot because I have had to take responsibility for my actions. If you don’t do something or go to class, you are going to pay the consequences later. It makes or breaks what you do in the future.”

“My sister and all of my family friends were all older so they started university before me so they kind of gave me insight on what to expect. I kind of had an idea coming into it but even now, it is so different than I expected. You don’t realize how on your own you really are. Even though you go to the classes and the prof teaches their lectures, at the end of the day, you are basically learning everything on your own.”

(Victoria Figueroa, first-year business management / Xhona Pulaj, first-year business management)

Victoria Figueroa and Xhona Pulaj, first-year business management students, in Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)



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