Students curious about construction outside the International Living/Learning Centre (ILLC) won’t have to wonder any longer.

A garbage compactor that formerly stood beside the School of Interior Design will be moved to the front of the Mutual Street building next week, according to Ryerson spokesperson Michael Forbes.

New building beside

Construction mystery outside ILLC solved (Credit: Charlotte Arnold)

In an email to The Ryersonian, Forbes said the move was to prepare for Ryerson’s next big building project: the Church Street Development (CSD), set to begin construction on Dec. 1.

The CSD site is located directly across from the engineering building, northwest of Church and Dundas Streets. It is currently a parking lot and will be closed off by fencing starting sometime in November. The development is expected to include student housing, facilities for health science programs and offices for university administration.

Incoming interim president Mohamed Lachemi is set to take office also beginning Dec. 1. He spoke to reporters last week about the importance of properly overseeing this project, the next chapter in Ryerson’s ever-evolving campus.

“Really the biggest challenge for us is how to continue our growth,” Lachemi said.

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