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ID Option for Film and Photography

The Integrated Digital (ID) option is a hybrid stream combining students from both the Film and Photography programs into specialized production and technical courses with particular emphasis on digital media. The ID option aligns itself with the traditions of film and photography, but is situated between these traditions, while at the same time pushing the boundaries and spanning other applied and artistic disciplines. The focus of the ID option is quite broad in order to cultivate student production in areas such as web design, motion graphics, multi-channel video, creative coding, mobile app development, sound design, non-linear and interactive films, microcinema, 3D modeling, and the design of digital media installations. Students can elect to enter the ID option after completing the first two years of either the Film or Photography programs.

It’s not a new degree program or a minor, but an alternate production stream for Film and Photography Students in third and fourth years.

Students entering the I.D. option would still receive a BFA as either a Film or Photography major, but with a specialization in Integrated Digital media.

Many Image Arts graduates go on to work in multimedia related fields. But it’s been found that after graduating they often need to further develop skills on their own in order to do so. The I.D. program is designed to focus on certain specialized digital skills and creative tools so that students are better prepared to work in this way upon graduation.

Involves a combination of film and photos students in the same class. This fits with the hybrid media approach and will give students direct insight into other ways of working.

Allow for collaborative and/or individual projects. Students can work on their own or in small teams depending on their preferences.

Potential for both applied and artistic projects.

Primary difference to the conventional Film and Photo options is that it involves a separate and specialized stream of third and fourth year production courses. Along with specialized technical and theory courses — all of which will have a specific digital media focus.