Akindi App, Photo by KEvin Siazon

Akindi App (Photo by Kevin John Siazon)

By Robyn Fiorda & Shaian Martin

DMZ-based startup Akindi partnered with Toronto company Tiny Hearts this summer to launch a mobile app that gives professors an easier way to grade exams.

The app is an extension of Akindi’s Scantron-alternative system.

“It helps instructors not only access their grades on their phone, but they can actually generate the bubble sheets from their phone and scan it using their phone camera,” said Akindi co-founder Mahmoud Hashim.

Instructors can create, print and scan sheets using the phone app and provide students with instant feedback.

The software provides user-friendly data, including bar graphs, so instructors can see which questions students didn’t understand. The app allows instructors to access Akindi sheets quickly by searching for students’ personalized student numbers. Students benefit by getting graded tests back faster.

Akindi, which launched in 2012 with co-founder David Wolever, is now used in over 100 schools in North America including Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University.

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