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Why Cassandra from ‘Wayne’s World’ is the OG Asian-American cool girl

April 15, 2017

One of the few Asian faces I saw on screen as a kid was Tia Carrere’s. She played Cassandra Wong, the female protagonist in 1992 comedy Wayne’s World—something rare now but virtually unheard of at the time.

Growing up, her character strongly resonated with me. That, combined with the fact that creator Mike Myers is a hometown hero (we’re both from Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto), inspired me to write my very first piece for New York Magazine‘s The Cut: an ode to Cassandra.

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With U.S. news media under attack, Canada should step up

In my new Policy Options magazine piece, I argue that since American news media is now under attack, Canada should fill this vacuum and aspire to be a global leader in journalism. Read on for an excerpt, and click here for the full article.…

February 7, 2017

The power of digital journalism: Taking risks and telling diverse stories

In late May, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to speak at this year’s TEDxDistilleryDistrictWomen conference in Toronto, Canada. Video of my TEDxWomen talk, “The Power of Digital Journalism: Taking Risks and Telling Diverse Stories,” is now available, and I’m thrilled to…

August 5, 2015