Santa is coming to town!

Since 1905, the Santa Claus Parade has kicked off the Christmas season, first in Toronto, then for the whole country as it has grown in popularity and importance throughout the years. The Parade brings people together, regardless of their background, celebrating hope, family and love. It’s part of the fabric of our community.

Every year we bring hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of Toronto, and millions more watching at home, come together to celebrate this joyous season together. We’ve been doing so uninterrupted for 116 years, and that’s exactly what we were planning to do again this year, bring Santa’s magic back to town.

Our plans, like so many of yours, have changed, but we will still be with you to celebrate the holidays and bring Santa’s magic to Canada.

Join us on Saturday, December 5th @ 7pm on CTV & CTV2 for The Original Santa Claus Parade.