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Colombian peace process: background and context

The Colombian peace process has reached one of its biggest obstacles with ex-president Uribe. Santos will need the support of the people to stop decades of bloodshed.

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¡Llegaron las elecciones!

Me siento en mi escritorio a meditar acerca de las elecciones de mañana. Por primera vez desde que estuve habilitada para votar en el 2010, siento que sé por quién voto, creo en las políticas y en las medidas por las cuales voto y pienso que son realmente buenas para el país. Creo muchas personas de mi generación sienten la misma esperanza que yo.

La Niña Phenomenon in Colombia: a “small” disaster in a highly complex context

Introduction:   This essay will explore the social aspects that contribute to the creation of a disaster using the example of “La Niña phenomenon” in Colombia in 2010-2011. La Niña was a cyclical environmental event exacerbated by climate change. It... Continue Reading →

Mayoral Arts Debate a Show

Mayoral candidates debate at the arts debate at the Art Gallery of Ontario last Wednesday. Toronto’s mayoral candidates put on a show for the crowd during an arts debate at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) last Wednesday. Sadly, the... Continue Reading →

God’s Rottweiler of Church Revolutionary?

By: Maria Assaf For most of the world, Pope Francis is viewed as a charismatic leader and a beacon of change. But in his native Argentina, the new moderate tone of the former Jesuit Archbishop of Argentina is being greeted... Continue Reading →

Dreams of sovereignity in a foreign land

Originally published on the Caribbean Times International journal: Dreams of sovereignity in a foreign land

An Ideological Conundrum

In newsrooms across North America, foreign affairs are largely considered newsworthy if there are nationals involved, if national security is under threat, or if a nation’s economic interests are at stake a particular country. Producers back this ideology up with... Continue Reading →

How award-winning McGill students plan to combat world hunger with insects

N.B. Green party leader wants Quebec-style laws requiring businesses to post bilingual signage

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