Help us end gun violence in our communities

There is a story behind every fired bullet. Are you ready to listen to the full story? Because that is where you fill find the solution to the gun violence problem.

The Zero Gun Violence Movement on the streets of Toronto

Watch the Zero Gun Violence Movement make a difference in the CBC documentary Year of the Gun.

Education & Awareness

We provide youth with resources, support and information to help end gun violence within their community.


We provide youth and community leaders with the skills to mobilize and encourage others to take action and create safe and healthy communities.


We work with community members and organizations to help them develop the skills and tools to help reduce gun violence.

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Our mission is to eradicate gun violence in our cities

We are a city-wide collaboration of community organizations and programs across the Toronto area — committed to reducing gun violence. Our focus is on educational awareness, advocacy and engagement initiatives.

The fight against guns will save our children

How do we end the scourge of gun violence? The Zero Gun Violence Movement has a plan. We want to unite people from all walks of life – different age groups and political affiliations – who are sick and tired of hearing yet another report of a shooting that didn’t need to happen. Let’s free our cities from the violence that is taking hold of it.

Join our fight to keep the streets of Toronto safe

The Zero gun Violence Movement is proud to have worked with the following organizations:

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