Mergers and acquisitions

  • We connect qualified buyers and sellers based on our in-depth knowledge of the printing industry and our expert methodology
  • Sellers: we explore all opportunities and create strategies to maximize your valuation
  • Buyers: we connect you with qualified, pre-screened candidates that add value from the start
  • We provide expertise in accounting, business valuations, legal transactions, human resources, and transition support
  • We plan and implement transformational strategies for greater profitability

Management Strategies

Our management consulting services are wide ranging and geared for your success

For the graphic communications industry:

  • Preparing your company to attract the best valuation
  • Screening and market analysis for buying a business
  • Managing the post-sale transition phase to maximize results
  • Developing succession plans with exit options at the right time
  • Executing market analysis and strategies for expanding into new markets
  • Generating strategies for business consolidation

For corporations and governments:

  • Evaluating all graphics requirements for optimum results and cost-effective print production
  • Managing the graphics supply chain from concept to distribution to maximize efficiencies
  • This includes an evaluation of what to print and what to communicate using digital channels

Executive Recruiting

  • We recruit qualified candidates for sales and senior management positions
  • We guide high-level candidates to the right position to maximize results
  • We leverage our expertise for you with an exclusive executive mentoring program
  • We offer team coaching to maximize effectiveness and achieve results

Industry Expertise

Our experts have held high-profile leadership positions for many years and have successfully owned, managed, bought and sold businesses. Our services are geared to:

Commercial Printers

Industry Suppliers

Packaging Printers


Marketing Services Companies

Government Agencies & Departments

Who we are

Gordon Griffiths and Robert Dale are principals of Connecting for Results.

Gordon is a highly respected corporate leader throughout North America. He has successfully led some of the most hi-profile companies, including Cenveo’s international operations, Quebecor Printing and Ronald’s Printing.

Bob Dale is a thought leader in the graphics industry. He was international manager of all aspects of print and security products at the largest financial institution in Canada. He also owned Pilot Graphic Management Services Inc. focusing on management consulting and transition execution.

Together Gord and Bob have the experience and track record to do what traditional consulting companies cannot do: develop actionable strategies that achieve results! They are backed by a team with extensive knowledge in all areas of strategic and operational management.



Dealing with price increases

Dealing with price increases

Lately, the industry is facing paper and substrate price increases. The potential for quarterly adjustments is estimated to be in the range of four to 10 per cent.

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Measure for success

Measure for success

Workflow improvement is a major theme in many industry publications and webinars, and for good reasons. More than 85 per cent of respondents to a recent industry survey indicated that they are dealing with mostly manual processes.

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