The field of major mayoral candidates is set, since Olivia Chow officially entered the mayoral race this week. Too busy studying to keep on the antics and announcements of top candidates Rob Ford, John Tory, Olivia Chow, David Soknacki and Karen Stintz? We have an interactive break down of this year’s mayoral candidates.

With seven months to go to til the polls open on October 27, 2014, these five candidates have a marathon campaign in front of them. We fill you in the candidates’ antics, appearances and talking points so far.

Ryerson municipal politics expert Mitchell Kosny weighed in on the race, and how it’s different from previous years. “It’s hard to live in this city without being exposed to the doings of Rob Ford. I think students, because of some of the media coverage, his antics and various scandals, are coming into this election race with a higher level of knowledge about the mayor. Eight years ago, if you asked a student about the election, they would have said ‘Who is David Miller?’ Students, and other non-voters, have been galvanized by the Ford era, for good or for bad,” says Kosny, an urban planning professor who formerly ran in city politics.

Get the latest on Ford and the other mayoral candidates in the infographic below. Flash player is required to view this file. The file may not appear on mobile devices.


For more on Ford:

Ford’s Jimmy Kimmel interview

Ford caught stumbling and swearing outside City Hall

Ford dolls at Comicon

Ford’s Twitter and Facebook

Where to catch Ford next Ford will appear on a

CityTV debate on March 28 at 7:00 p.m.


For more on Olivia Chow:

Chow’s late entry into mayoral race

Chow’s selfie

Chow’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Where to catch Chow next: Nothing announced yet.

But Chow’s rally this past Sunday drew about 750 people.

Check out our live blog of the event.


For more on John Tory:

Tory’s food truck fiasco

Tory’s Twitter and Facebook

Where to catch Tory next:  

Tory’s campaign kick-off is this Wednesday at

6:30 p.m. at the Polish Combatants Hall


For more on David Soknacki:

Soknacki’s Reddit Ask Me Anything

Soknacki memes

Soknacki’s Twitter and Facebook

Where to catch Soknacki next: Soknacki is canvassing for

the next few weeks, at locations like Scarborough Town Centre

and Davisville subway station.


For more on Karen Stintz: 

Stintz’s controversial tweet

Her plan for the Gardiner Expressway

Stintz’ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Where to catch Stintz next: No publicly announced events, but

she has been making appearances and documenting them on Twitter.

Bethany Van Lingen graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2014. She is a former staff writer and copy editor for The Ryersonian.