(Wynne and visiting professor Ralph Lean, Danielle Lee)

Premier Kathleen Wynne and visiting professor Ralph Lean. (Danielle Lee)

The U.S. election and LGBTQ issues were some of the topics Premier Kathleen Wynne spoke about when she visited Ryerson yesterday.

Wynne was at the Ted Rogers Business School of Management to talk to students as part of a speaker series for the Regulation Government and Socially Responsible Management class taught by Prof. Asher Alkoby.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to hear the questions from the students,” said Wynne. “They’re very engaging and I think it’s important for political leaders to have the opportunity to speak to young people.”

Students were encouraged to tweet questions and quotes using the hashtag, #MBAtalks.

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This was Wynne’s fifth time participating in the MBA talks, which was hosted by distinguished visiting professor Ralph Lean. Wynne spoke to students for over an hour about questions they asked in advance.

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