I’m a KarJenner lover.

It’s out in the open and I feel no shame in following Kim, or her family, religiously.

I’ve watched enough of their antics to mimic them in real life, from losing an earring in the ocean to handing someone a can of Pepsi in a time of conflict.

While the family is undoubtedly entertaining, it’s also incredibly problematic.

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad was released last week, and it was garbage.

It begins with her posing for a camera, while a protest takes place in the background, which sort of looks like a Black Lives Matter demonstration … weird.

I guess her inner activist kicked in then because she whipped off her blonde wig and wiped off her plum lipstick to go march with the demonstrators.

Very cliché “Love” and “Join the conversation!” signs are scattered throughout, and Kendall Jenner chooses this pivotal moment to grab a cold can of Pepsi and hand it to a cop.

This entire ad was a mockery of the culture of protest, especially the Black Lives Matter movements.

Black Lives Matter was created to question the police’s actions and motives, to discuss the underlying systemic racism that was becoming increasingly apparent.

For someone like Kendall Jenner to be a part of this seems a little ridiculous.

She’s a white woman, but also a person who could not be more culturally removed from the situation.

I mean, has she ever spoken up about police brutality or contributed to the cause?

No. She hasn’t.

I doubt she’s ever been out to show her support but here she is in an ad for a huge company pretending to care, and profiting off of it too.

It’s almost taunting, to those who are actually part of these protests, to see a young model just make everything go away with a soft drink, while they had to literally fight policemen off their backs.

It makes me so angry to think that this is what Pepsi thinks of millennials, that we’re a bunch of hippies with an innate need to protest, and that we just need to share the love by sharing the things we buy.

All this ad taught me was that Kendall Jenner ended racism with Pepsi.

I always knew there was a reason I liked Coca Cola more.


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