Second City’s new improv show Eat, Buy, Repeat: The Second City’s Guide to the Holidays kicked off Monday night at the Toronto MainStage, taking the audience on a raunchier, more realistic, behind-the-scenes look at the holiday season.

The two hour show featured numerous mini skits and musical performances that poked fun at the traditions and festivities that society glorifies over these celebratory months.

Ryerson grad Allana Reoch, was one of the six cast members.

She performed one of the most laughed at skits: a housewife admitting she makes her seemingly perfect holiday peanut butter balls only to fatten up her guests.


The Second City cast. Left to Right: Sharjil Rasool,Colin Munch, Devon Hyland,Allana Reoch, Nadine Djoury and Aimee Ambroziak. (Courtesy Paul Aihoshi)

Other memorable skits included Mrs. Claus making a Twitter account, the societal uproar over using the word “Christmas” and the lonely feeling that comes with being a single 30-year-old during the holidays.

But it didn’t stop there, the cast even threw in some Donald Trump jokes, with one of the best performances being the three women performing their Hillary Clinton inspired Nasty dance skit.


Nadine Djoury and Aimee Ambroziak performing their skit. (Courtesy Racheal McCaig)

The show ended with the cast performing a real live improv session and taking topics and suggestions from the audience.

Second City makes you want to ditch your tradition of going to see The Nutcracker ballet this year. If you’re looking to laugh at the corniness that surrounds the holidays, then this is the show for you.

Also did I mention that they serve spiked hot chocolate?!

Eat, Buy, Repeat: The Second City’s Guide to the Holidays opens tonight and runs throughout December. You can get tickets on the Second City’s website.

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