A man allegedly involved in two instances of “indecent behaviour” in the school library has been arrested for trespassing.

According to a Ryerson security alert, the man was arrested Aug. 29 after an incident on the building’s seventh floor.

Security services say a female student was studying in a cubicle when she noticed a suspect looking at her from underneath the desk of an adjacent cubicle.

They say the student then yelled at him and immediately contacted security and emergency services.

Security services say the man was already banned from campus due to an unrelated incident. Officers then turned him over to Toronto police to be arrested for trespassing.

The suspect is believed to be involved in a similar incident on Aug. 20, in which a female student reported a man sitting underneath her desk, looking at her. According to the security alert, she said she felt someone touch her feet as she subsequently packed up to leave.

Security did not name the man.

Kathleen McGouran was a reporter for the Ryersonian. She has been a staff writer for Toronto music blogs Anchor Shop and livemusicTO, and has a weekly radio show on Ryerson's internet radio station, Spiritlive.net. Kathleen graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015.