Take yourself back to your childhood where pretending to be a detective or a secret agent was one of the ideal ways to get through a summer day at home. Now, ring that nostalgic feeling to the present, but combine it with a phone app-guided pub crawl.

The secret agent pub crawl is the newest venture from Ryerson-based startup, MixItMedia. Kwame Newman-Bremang, a Ryerson new media alumnus, created the company which steamed out of his research during his masters in media production in 2014 where he focused on interactive storytelling and mobile devices.

“As far as MixIt goes, we really realize the value in not only looking at new geeky kind of technology but also looking at more traditional forms and kind of like the sweet spot in terms of how they blend,” says Newman-Bremang.

It is one of the many companies that operate out of the Transmedia Zone located in the Rogers Communication Centre.

When using the MixItMedia app for your smartphones, participants will receive a message from secret agent headquarters on the day of the mission that outlines instructions. As they are given hints and different  locations, prizes can be won as participants go through the pub crawl.

MixItMedia is still in the process of making the secret agent pub crawl a reality.

“As far as the (the launch for the) secret agent pub crawl, we’re looking at April or maybe May, because we’re still kind of on phase one,” says Newman-Bremang. “We have to move through a few more steps  to go.” says Newman-Bremang.

Newman-Bremang has been canvassing the Ryerson community to get them interested in his game. He has received support from more than 400 people thus far, in a petition form with individual’s names and emails who say they would be participants. He  wants to gain the support of at least 200 more people before he approaches various pubs and ventures to partner with.

The secret agent pub-crawl is not the first game created by MixItMedia. Last October, they hosted a Halloween-themed game called RU Haunted. Similar to the concept of the pub crawl, participants were given clues that led them to different locations around campus. The haunt incorporated actors who were at these locations.

MixItMedia consists of different students from  various programs such as business and radio and television arts.

A Ryersonian reporter with an interest in entertainment, fashion, beauty and food. Daisy graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015.