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The Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP) at Ryerson has introduced a new distinct group to its program, giving students from various backgrounds a chance to get involved with other students and/or career advisers.

The inclusion of specific ethnic and equity groups gives more opportunities for students to relate to other students with similar backgrounds. Muslim women group mentoring has taken over from the previous Arab women group. In addition, there is Hispanic/Latino and Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking students rounding out the ethnic groups that the program has specific opportunities for. It also caters to LGBTQ+, mature students, students with a disability and women in science, technology, engineering or math.

The program currently serves 1,500 students. It hosts monthly events for the peer, group, and career mentor programs. How often peer mentors and mentees meet up outside of the monthly meetings is completely up to them, as long as it is a minimum of twice per semester.

It really varies on each relationship, how frequently they decide to meet or communicate based on what they establish,” said Allysa Soliven Martinez, the facilitating mentor for LGBTQ+ and Muslim women group mentoring.

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