Ryersonian Winter 2018 masthead working on their first issue. Photo by Augustine Ng.

By Chelsea Lecce

The start of the new year can be a solid refresh for some and just a flip of a calendar page for others. For those reading this at Ryerson, let this edition of the Ryersonian be your official indication of the start of second semester, or the last round of 12 weeks for future graduates.

All around campus, students are bustling to class from their commute, struggling to make that trek up the SLC front steps while checking their phones and holding a coffee in the other hand. Either way, all the engines are up and running again.

In that same rhythm, the Ryersonian newsroom has picked up in full force again. In this term’s first paper, I am honoured to introduce the new Ryersonian masthead.

As a big family of journalists, we each bring a speciality to our publication and we hope you take the time to dig in to all the things news, student-life, events and campus related we have to offer.

We hope to maintain the classic Ryersonian reputation, while also being sure you stay in the loop, have your voices heard and your issues brought to light.

If you work with us, we will work for you.

We encourage any member of the Ryerson community to suggest tips or reach out to us on social media.

We connect to our devices and refresh our feeds as much as you do, which is why this week’s running theme for the op-ed section is centred on social media.

Social media can be a great tool for many reasons.

It helps us to hold our ties with old friends, new friends, employers, news updates, memes and everything in between.
But just like anything that can be beneficial, it also has it setbacks.

While we can erase a post from our personal feeds, we do not have that same power to erase our followers’ memories, or the screenshots they already passed around in their group chats.

As we have all grown to realize, social media is highly influential and it is important we recognize the harms that come from it. The team here at the Ryersonian chose to start our term with this theme to bring the awareness that, like you, we are young, tired and busy, and might not always give things a second thought before acting (or in this case, posting).

Our publication will go above and beyond to give each story and piece of journalism we put out there more than just a second thought to help serve you with integrity, diversity, clarity and nothing but the facts.

We are excited to get down to business and we hope you tag along for the journey.

Stay tuned for more from the Ryersonian masthead on our webpage, social media accounts, podcast and broadcast channels.

This is a joint byline. Ryersonian staff are responsible for the news website edited and produced by final-year undergraduate and graduate journalism students at Ryerson University. It features all the content from the weekly campus newspaper, The Ryersonian, and distributes news and online multimedia, including video newscasts from RyersonianTV. Ryersonian.ca also provides videos, images, and other interactive material in partnership with the School of Journalism.

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