(Courtesy of Jörg Schreier/Creative Commons)

(Courtesy of Jörg Schreier/Creative Commons)

Everyone listens to music.

There are many musical styles, with a variety of artists out there who are just as diverse. We’ve all heard music by mainstream artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Drake because, let’s face it, they are  everywhere — on the radio, on TV and all over the media.

But what’s often forgotten are the rich musical treasures offered by local, often unsigned musicians.

So, supporting your local music scene is important, especially if you’re a music-lover.

Everybody has to start somewhere in the industry and musicians start at the local level, putting out music and gaining an audience.

Seeing artists build themselves up from scratch is a beautiful thing to witness.

When you go out to see local musicians, you’re investing in their artistic development with your support — and often a small financial contribution for a ticket to their show, which is much cheaper than buying a ticket to see Madonna in a stadium.

Keeping the local music scene alive is vital for these musicians to grow their careers and become successful in the industry.

Attending local shows unites a community. The community of people brought together by local shows becomes tight-knit because it helps create friendships among the musicians and their fans.

For the musicians, it creates networking opportunities — a chance to work with other talented musicians and to be discovered by industry professionals who are ready to help advance the artists to the next level of their careers.

For the attendees, friendships are formed based on the common ground of similar music tastes.

Having events with local musicians livens up your hometown. Whether it’s in a big city or a small town, the local music scene adds culture and flavour.

It’s a source of entertainment that’s more culturally fulfilling than attending a cramped nightclub or getting drunk at your favourite bar.

Plus, depending on the genre of music being performed, it could be a source of relaxation or a means of letting loose.

Attending local shows is also a great way to discover new music to add to that good ol’ playlist. Going out to shows is how discovering new tunes used to be done, long before the days of the Internet.

Aside from being a night out, it’s also an exploration of discovery.

You never know, you may just stumble upon your new favourite artist from going to a local show.

Listening to mainstream music isn’t a bad thing, as long as you don’t forget the little guys out there.

Don’t be musically ignorant. Expand your horizons and keep the local music scene alive.

Alexia Kapralos is a Ryersonian reporter who possesses a strong love for radio broadcast, writing, music, pop culture, and nachos. When she's not at the 'Sonian, you could find her sipping a warm cup of java at her local coffee shop.

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