“There may be many people putting doubt in your head, on top of the doubt you create for yourself.” (Photo provided by Kayla McLaughlin)

Regardless of how a long-distance relationship comes about and why the two people are forced apart from each other, people will always have something to say.

It can be stressful enough to leave everything you know and love — a house, a career, a family — to be with one person, even without the unsolicited opinions of others.

The scenario usually goes like this: a couple is together, and one partner receives an opportunity abroad that they cannot pass up. Either that partner refuses to go, or they leave their partner.

Sometimes things work out so that the two people can go away together, but even that can make the situation worse.

If the other partner is willing to go as well, that becomes an open door for criticism from others.

Either the person is crazy for going with you, or they’re selfish and don’t love you enough if they’re willing to break up just because of the distance. Now, what if you stay together despite the distance and actually find yourself in a long-distance relationship?

Let me start off by saying, they are not for the weak. It takes two very strong people to be able to face this challenge.

Of course, it is important to do what is right for yourself in terms of opportunities that may change your life, but it’s also important to follow your heart.

Long distance can bring a number of doubts into play. You might doubt your partner’s loyalty to you, doubt their love for you, and doubt the strength of your relationship. You may even begin to doubt yourself and whether or not it is worth the heartache.

Each relationship is different and it’s on the parties involved to determine what they can and cannot handle.

In 2017, technology can help make long distance work. FaceTime, Snapchat and other social networks allow you to be more connected than ever. WhatsApp even allows you to call or message someone wherever they are, free of charge, as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi. The world is changing, and so are relationships.

If you happen to find yourself in a long-distance relationship, stay strong. There may be many people putting doubt in your head, on top of the doubt you create for yourself.

And if you’re not in a long-distance relationship, be mindful of the skepticism you give off and keep your unwelcome reservations to yourself.

My name is Kayla McLaughlin, and I am a fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University. I have a large interest in entertainment news, television and radio broadcasting, and online multi-media writing.

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