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Remove statue of Egerton Ryerson from Ryerson University

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Egerton Ryerson, of whom the campus is named after, was a known racist and sexist who aided the Canadian government in the creation of Residential Schools.

“ is a fact established by numerous experiments, that the North American Indian cannot be civilized or preserved in a state of civilization (including habits of industry and sobriety) except in connection with, if not by the influence of, not only religious instruction and sentiment, but of religious feelings .”
-Egerton Ryerson, Reporting Indian Schools with Dr. Ryerson’s Report, 1847, pg. 73

To date, this information is not widely made public . Ryerson was also opposed to the education of women, found in the published work, “Arguments over the Education of Girls - Their Admission to Grammar Schools of this Province"

His values of cultural erasure, anti-Black racism and sexism still exist as seen with the treatment of Victoria-Anderson Gardner and Carol Sutherland, who, among countless others are subject to discrimination daily.

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In conclusion Egerton Ryerson is a symbol of racism, sexism and cultural genocide. His statue needs to be removed Immediately! 

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