Last Wednesday, the Faculty of Arts launched it’s Arts Eco Action initiative with a tree planting ceremony to symbolize a new commitment to sustainability on campus. Students from a branch of this initiative, Nature in the City, helped to prepare the grounds for the new trees added in the Ryerson quad. EUS professor Andrew Millward spoke about his release of the customized tree app for the Ryerson campus,, to keep track an monitor growth of our urban forest.

Check out the full story here on why Ryerson needs to diversify it’s forest and have a sustainable mandate.

Lindsay was the managing editor for print at The Ryersonian and was previously an intern with CBC-TV's the fifth estate, an investigative documentary program. She focused on digital journalism, advanced research methods and reporting. She is an environmental pragmatist, advocate for freedom of expression, freedom of information and euthanasia of urban raccoons. Lindsay graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015.