SSI condemns in the strongest terms the unacceptable event that took place today in Ryerson University in Canada.A student approached our SSI Presidents who held an Israeli flag and he spat at her and on the flag. This MUST end! Jewish and Pro Israel students should feel safe on their own college campus.We wish our leaders at Students Supporting Israel at Ryerson University will stay strong and keep the important work they are doing! Our love for Israel and its People will triumph any hater that comes our way!

Posted by Students Supporting Israel – SSI on Monday, April 6, 2015

The video depicts the group confronting a man who allegedly spat on an Israeli flag.

A pro-Israel student group on campus is calling on Ryerson to track down a man who they say spat on their president while they were shooting a video on campus Monday.

The Ryerson chapter of international student group Students Supporting Israel (SSI) posted a video to the group’s Facebook page, where they claim that the group’s president, Hadas Hait, and other students were filming a video on campus while holding an Israeli flag.

A man allegedly approached the group and spat on the flag and Hait.

A cellphone video apparently shot just after the event shows a man walking along Gould street, carrying a backpack with his hands in his pockets. He does not face the camera.

“This is going to administration,” the student filming says. “So it’s really good that we got you on tape.”

The man walking away from the camera does not speak during the video.

“SSI condemns in the strongest possible terms the unacceptable event that took place today,” the group said in a statement on Facebook.

When reached for comment, the group said a more detailed statement would be released later this week.

The Ryersonian has not been able to independently verify the validity of SSI’s claims.

Sean graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015.