Students studying in the SLC. (Danielle Lee)

Students studying in the SLC. (Danielle Lee)

By: Danielle Lee and Amira Zubairi

With only one month left of the semester, students are feeling the pressure of upcoming deadlines. If you haven’t started that assignment due next week, now’s a perfect time. Tonight, Ryerson Library and Student Learning Centre are joining force to host the annual Long Night Against Procrastination, an all-night study marathon held at the SLC.

Here are three things you can expect at the Long Night Against Procrastination:

Free Food

Nothing is more frustrating than working on an empty stomach. Free food and refreshments will be available for students. Grab an apple of other snacks to help energize your way through the night.

Extra Help

There will be many resources available for students struggling with their assignments. From help with essays and academic papers to drop-in math tutoring, support will be available for whatever subject you need. You can also speak to an academic coach and get assistance with research and citations. In addition, there will be supported group learning sessions and workshops.  


With all the assignments and studying you’ve been doing, you’re probably feeling a bit stressed out. Why not take a wellness break? Take a deep breath and relax with some yoga and meditation. With a calmer head, you might find it easier to tackle that six-page essay.

The Long Night Against Procrastination takes place tonight from 5 p.m. to midnight on the fourth floor of the SLC.

How the Night Went

Ryerson students got together to take advantage of the extra help and free food that was offered at the Long Night Against Procrastination. Whether it was preparing for a challenging math midterm or learning how to eat healthy while being under pressure, the event provided students with a space to catch up on missed work and more. Here are a few highlights of what Ryerson Learning Support had on the fourth floor of the SLC.

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