Truc Nguyen, senior style editor at FLARE Magazine, strikes a pose at the Toronto Eaton Centre on Nov. 14. (Sarah Warne/Ryersonian Staff).

By Sarah Warne and Hayley Brauer

Ryersonian Staff

FLARE Magazine featured this year’s most popular winter fashion trends at a presentation at the Toronto Eaton Centre Thursday.

The Ryersonian caught up with Truc Nguyen, the magazine’s senior style editor, after the fashion show to get the inside scoop on what this year’s top winter trends are.

The Ryersonian: What are the top winter trends this year?

Truc Nguyen: There are a lot of great trends this year, for example pastels – actually surprising for winter – great big wrap coats, and also I think head-to-toe denim. The Canadian tuxedo is actually a big trend.

The Ryersonian: What is your personal favourite winter fashion trend?

TN: I think my personal favourite is actually pastels because it’s not something that I wear a lot of in my wardrobe, so this is an incentive to incorporate it.

The Ryersonian: What is your advice for still looking fashionable in the cold Canadian winter months?

TN: I think the key is to plan and layer. And I think that when you buy a really beautiful coat, that’s really going to last you all season and really help you look chic no matter where you’re going when it’s cold.

The Ryersonian: Can you explain the difference between the minimalist and the maximalist trends that were featured in the fashion show?

TN: Sure, I think minimalist is for someone who loves modern, sort of sleek silhouettes, rather than embellishments. And maybe a maximalist is someone who loves being the centre of the party, who maybe likes to wear sparkle or shine, and gold. And I think this is the perfect season for them to wear those clothes.

The Ryersonian: What is your advice for young people who are on a budget but still want to keep up with the current winter fashion trends?

TN: I think the key is, in this day and age, to accessorize and buy smartly. Maybe you buy one beautiful dress for the whole holiday season and you wear different accessories with it.

Edited and condensed. 

Check out photos and video from the fashion show:

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