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Valentine’s Day is for those in love, but it’s not all roses and chocolates for some Ryerson students. Though some first dates lead to happily ever after, others become first date horror stories.

These Ryerson students weren’t shy to share their most memorable worst dates:

Hassan Elahi, business student:

I think the worst date ever was with me with this girl, and my cousin came along and kept whispering loudly what I should say to her. That was brutal, oh my God. I … realized then and there that I have no game.”

Sarah Ghali, international economics and finance student:

“I ended up going on a date with someone that I had met at the club. I don’t remember giving my number to him. He texted me all week saying, ‘Hey, I really want to take you out for dinner.’ He was nice, but in hindsight I obviously should not have gone.

I agreed to go out with him and when we met for drinks, he literally confessed his love for me. He said that he believed in love at first sight and I said, ‘I don’t, or at least, it’s not you.’

I tried to leave and told him I had to go. He then grabbed my hand and took me across the street into the club where his friends were. We got inside and I was thinking, ‘What is going on? I’m trying to leave.’

We were sitting there and he was telling his friends how beautiful and perfect I was. I felt so uncomfortable, I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, please stop.’ I was trying to leave and wanted to get a cab. He refused to let me take a cab. He said, ‘No, I’m calling you an Uber.’ I didn’t want him to know where I lived, but he was persistent and so I put my address in his phone for the Uber. When I got in the Uber he leans in and lays one on me, just kisses me, and I was like, ‘No!” and started closing the door while his head was still inside the car. I never saw him again.”

Raven Newman, childhood studies student:

So Valentine’s Day two years ago, he was my boyfriend at the time and we had Valentine’s Day dinner reservations. I got dressed up and waited and he didn’t show up. He literally didn’t show up for Valentine’s Day. He called and said that he had to take his mom to the store or something stupid.”

Briar Douris, sport media student:

“My worst date, sorry, worst dates ever, were with men. (Now) I resolved it, because I no longer date men. Mom, are you reading this?”

Devon B, film studies student:

I went on a date with this girl I never met before, I think it was Tinder, and for whatever reason her friend was insisting to come on the date with us, which in itself was awkward. So I thought it was already going to be a bad date. The girl I was on a date with didn’t drink at all, and for the first time in two years she decided she was going to drink. She had only two vodka cranberries, and fell asleep standing up as I was dancing with her. We were at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. She then sat down and started crying, she felt so bad, and then her friend slapped her in the face! So then I just left and never saw her again.”

Dave M, Ryerson student:

“It was a Tinder date in Sydney, Australia, and me and the girl went for drinks at the Opera House. It was beautiful, and then all of a sudden she started getting edgy. I asked her why she was getting so edgy and she said there was no reason. All of a sudden, coming around the corner, this guy appears and I thought, oh crap, this is her boyfriend. So that very moment I had to make a decision, and so I pretended I was a guy offering her directions to go somewhere in Sydney. (I said), ‘Oh yeah, you just go down there and turn left, and nice to meet you,’ and then I ran. She even texted me afterwards.”

Kara Chebry, fashion communication student:

“So one time I went on a Tinder date — it was our second date — and he took me to a nude beach. I don’t even know why. Maybe he didn’t realize there were other beaches, but he took me to the nude one on Toronto Island. I didn’t take my clothes off but it was super awkward because we were having a picnic and there were naked people everywhere, even naked old men. That’s the last time I ever saw him.”

Anonymous student:

I was on a date with this guy and he was a very negative person. We were basically fighting the whole time. Then I found out he didn’t believe in buying toilet paper, so he either steals it from hotels or uses the bathroom in his condo’s gym.”

Melissa Taylor, RTA school of media student:

I went on a date once and we were grabbing drinks, and he offered to pay but didn’t have enough money on his card, so I had to pay. He said he would drive me home, so I got in his car and he said, ‘Do you want some coke to make up for the drinks?’ I said no and I just got out and walked. But I did end up seeing him again.”

Emma Caealatungan, graphic communications management student:

“I fell asleep during the date. After I eat I like to fall asleep or take a nap. So we were walking on (the) harbourfront and we sat on a bench. I put my head on his shoulder and I fell asleep on him. It was really bad and awkward. I woke up to him trying to hold my hand. I wasn’t feeling the guy, so it was awkward and was the end of the date. Then I never talked to him again.”

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