A video showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ranting incoherently in an unknown living room was released Thursday, escalating the scandal that has rocked Toronto politics and made headlines around the world.

In the one-minute, 18-second clip, uploaded to the Toronto Star‘s website, Ford shouts bizarre phrases such as “I just need 10 fucking minutes to make sure he’s dead” and “cause I’m going to fucking kill that guy. I’m telling you it’s first-degree murder.”

Shortly after the video was released, Ford spoke to reporters at city hall to comment on the clip.

“I don’t know what to say,” Ford said, his voice barely audible from the barrage of camera shutter sounds.

“I just want to come out and tell you that I saw a video. It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world’s going to see it, and you know what? I don’t have a problem with that. But it’s extremely embarrassing.

“When you’re in that state … I hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. That’s all I can say.

“Obviously I was extremely, extremely inebriated.”

Deputy mayor Norm Kelly also spoke to the media about the mayor’s “agitated behaviour” in the video.

“To be generous, I don’t know if he’s speaking metaphorically because in politics you often speak about burying your enemies,” Kelly said to a press scrum in city hall.

“The language (in the video) is the language of the gutter,” he added, later comparing it to the “language of the locker-room.”

Kelly told the press he is determined to get to the bottom of this latest development “as quickly as possible.”

The context of the video is unknown, and other voices heard in the clip have not been identified.

The Star said it purchased the video, for an unknown price, from a source who filmed the clip being played on a computer.

The Globe and Mail reports the Star bought the video for $5,000. The Ryersonian cannot verify this claim.

The Toronto Sun, which had reportedly rejected offers to buy the same video, posted a 10-second version of the video to its site before the Star uploaded the longer clip.

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